Guangzhou soocar technology electronics co., LTD. Was founded in 2000, has been committed to the research and development, production, sales of best chinese karaoke machine, home three-in-one singing machine, outdoor three-in-one KTV singing machine, car KTV entertainment system, car DVD and other products, karaoke system set with OEM services.The machine has voice search, mobile phone operation, Android system, touch all-in-one machine, Bluetooth connection, has more than 100,000 cloud song library, can be downloaded through WiFi.

SK-1028 Video Copywriter
SK-1028 Video Copywriter.
Soocar technology portable karaoke system box made of aluminum alloy sk-9988
sk-9988 soocar technology karaoke box made of aluminum alloy
Soocar technology portable karaoke set with plastic material sk-1098
This is a portable karaoke, built-in battery, hard disk and speaker, support touch screen operation, with two wireless microphones
Soocar technology best portable karaoke wooden box material sk-14108
This is a slant-hang karaoke with a touch screen, the screen can be rotated and flipped, sound quality is good, with two wireless microphones.
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