The portable karaoke comes with a hand-held handle, which is convenient to carry out. And also come with built-in battery and hard disk, that’s why they can both use at home and outdoors. 

If it is used outdoors, you can choose portable karaoke with built-in batteries. Because when there is no power supply outdoors, the karaoke with built-in batteries can also play songs; If you use it at home, you can choose a convenient karaoke, and connect the TV to facilitate adults and children to know how to operate: when you use it in the car, you can choose a ceiling type karaoke installed on the top of the car, which is safe and convenient.

Soocar technology portable karaoke set with plastic material sk-1098
This is a portable karaoke, built-in battery, hard disk and speaker, support touch screen operation, with two wireless microphones

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