How to choose your own karaoke?

How to choose your own karaoke?

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  1. Hello, everyone, I am Rebekah from Guangzhou Suoka Technology Electronic Co., Ltd.  This time I would like to introduce to you how to choose your own karaoke. Here are important factors for reference in the following.
    1. the venue. If it is used outdoors, you can choose portable karaoke with built-in batteries. Because when there is no power supply outdoors, the karaoke with built-in batteries can also play songs; If you use it at home, you can choose a convenient karaoke, and connect the TV to facilitate adults and children to know how to operate: when you use it in the car, you can choose a ceiling type karaoke installed on the top of the car, which is safe and convenient.
    2. Function requirements. Our karaoke has the lifting and tuning function and reverb function, with wireless WiFi connection, HDMI interface, guitar interface, external power, amplifier interface, USB interface, TF card interface and wired microphone interface, which can be selected according to your requirements.
    3. Material. There are plastic material, aluminum alloy material and wooden box material respectively. The appearance of plastic material is novel and convenient. wooden box has good sound quality. The appearance of aluminum alloy is more high-end and difficult to deform.
    4. sound quality. There are speakers and external speakers respectively, with2 inches, 5 inches and 8 inches integrated speakers. If you have your own speaker, you also can connect external speaker.

    The above are the key points on how to choose karaoke. I hope these can help you choose your own karaoke.

  2. 1.our hot-selling item: sk-9988.  a mini home karaoke player box, supporting Youtube and other karaoke apps and with four options of microphones.

  3. 2. sk-1098C. a portable all-in-one karaoke player. Using outdoors and at home are also convenient and easy-carrying.

  4. 3. sk-1098A. a mini portable karaoke machine, which is conducive to multiple functions.

  5. 4. sk-14108 a rotating touch screen karaoke player, with exquisite appearance and vintage sense to meet your various requirements.

  6. 5. Sk-1068 This is a roof-mounted karaoke, one for the Buick GL8 and one for all models, which can be flipped open manually. It has a 15.6-inch touch screen and two wireless microphones.
    Here are our main products. Welcome to pick your fitting karaoke players!

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